Thursday, 14 January 2010

Pack it in.....

OK, Operation "Tardis" is about to commence in about five minutes. We are allowed one case between us so there will be an inevitable battle for land mass. As sure as eggs are eggs, my belongings will be negotiated down to almost nothing whilst Mel will have a vast array of outfits that are determined to be absolutely critical.

One thing I refuse to negotiate on is the lilo. Even if I have to sacrifice everything else that lilo is coming with us. However, given its size, we may be better off packing the suitcase inside the lilo, I'll have to experiment.

Then there is the issue of packing the considerable pile of books, which are vital if I am to enjoy a relaxing holiday. I really ought to have checked whether there is a book called "How to have a relaxing holiday" or "Negotiations for suitcase space".

One more work day remains which is bound to be incredibly stressful if I am to complete everything before we leave.

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