Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New Years resolutions

When I created this blog, I did warn that my musings may be sporadic and in that respect I have not failed. I have in the past done a couple of other weekly blogs which married with work commitments have meant I have not posted as often as I would like. I've given up my other blog to concentrate what precious writing time I have to entertaining and informing my tiny but loyal readers on Shadows and reflections and lets see if I can' t make this site much better.

Reading back through some of my posts on here, I realise that I am in danger of becoming the Ken Barlow of the blogging world and I resolve here and now to start putting that right. I have added it to my comprehensive and ever increasing list of New Years resolutions. In fact, it can replace one of the resolutions on which I have failed already.

On Saturday, Mel and I go to Tenerife for a week. This will be the first holiday that isn't to our place in France for three years but the truth is we both feel the need for some Sun, I need a holiday which doesn't make me worry about unfinished rennovation jobs and most importantly Mel said "if you think we're going to freezing cold France to celebrate my Birthday, you can piss off". I think you will agree that is fairly unequivocal.

Consequently we have booked an all inclusive week in a boutique hotel. I must confess I had no real understanding of what a boutique hotel actually is. However, having conducted some comprehensive research, it appears that they are almost identical to a normal hotel but about twice as expensive. Given I will miss the Manchester derby due to last weeks snowed out game, I was delighted to learn it has a "Sports viewing lounge" which as far as I can tell is a Telly. It also has an "invigorating Spa", which of course is a pool and jacuzzi and best of all it has "World representative cuisine" although I have not yet worked out how to translate that phrase into plain english. I promise to report back on my findings.

Years ago, I decided to stop sunbathing. I appear to be ageing quicker than most people my age and I convinced myself that it was not the fags, late nights or stress of modern day life but it was in fact all down to the six hours of sunbathing I do every year.

However, I have decided to forego a year or two of premature ageing and get myself a proper tan. Mainly that is because everybody else will remain blue due to the snow and icy weather and the contrast will be impressive. I therefore intend to return the colour of a smoked kipper and damn the consequences.

Mel was dismayed to find that I have mail ordered a 'luxury lilo' from e-bay which has a proper drinks holder and everything. Think of an inflatable ferry and your fairly near the mark. She keeps telling me 'it's not that kind of Hotel'. The only response I have been able to come up with so far is 'bollocks to them' and I fully intend to start a trend for ridiculously oversized water inflatables. Coming soon to a holiday near you.

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  1. hey - you're back!! Have a fab time on your hols and I have to say I think Mel has a point about not freezing for her birthday. Look forward to seeing you for a beer or ten on your eventual return to France xx