Friday, 15 January 2010

Under starters orders......

Whilst I have still not done my packing yet, I have done the next best thing. I have made a list of all the things I'd like to pack and drunk a bottle of rioja whilst writing it. This will make my last minute packing panic an awful lot easier tomorrow. I have filled my i-pod with all of the songs that will make my holiday a more serene and enjoyable experience. Or as Mel called it "all that shit". Which is harsh.

We fly tomorrow afternoon at 3pm and are getting a lift to the Airport which means I can get mildly drunk first to quash my flying nerves. I'm not a terrible flyer but I'm not brilliant either and a couple of glasses of wine always help in my considerable experience.

I have just had a call from our friends in France who are staying at our house in Chalus whilst they renovate their house and apparently our toilet is frozen, so it looks like our decision to holiday elsewhere has been the correct one. They said they had to break the ice to make it flush but only discovered this fact when it was too late which is a bit too Bobby Sands for my liking.

Have just checked the weather in Tenerife and it is 22 degrees which in old money is mid 70's farenheit. I always find it best to talk about hot weather in farenheit and cold weather in Celsius. I don't know why that is, it just helps in my experience. Apparently the toilets there are flushing just fine without the aid of an ice pick.