Thursday, 17 September 2009

Long time coming.......

Havent blogged on here for ages, mainly because I have been working my backside off and the old adage about 'all work and no play, makes Alan a miserable git' has never been more true.

I'm 39 next week and not terrifically happy about it actually. I remember being similarly depressed at 29. Either its something to do with ages with the number 9 in them or else it feels like I'm knocking on the door of my next decade and I am merely delaying the inevitable.

Fully acclimatised to living in Cheadle Village now and other than the fact that I haven't quite got used to the aeroplanes coming in to land yet, I am loving our change of location. It's only 3 miles from Cheadle to Didsbury but there is a positive world of difference. Cheadle somehow seems less pretentious and more gritty but in a good way. There are far fewer 'power parents' and that can only be a good thing. I'd got to the point where if I saw one more Karrimor jacket or 4x4 pram I was going to something I would regret, so best that I moved really.

Off to France next week for our next sojourn. Really looking forward to it though not really the 700 mile drive. Must remember to give the i-pod a refresh and MOT. Otherwise it will be a l-o-n-g journey.

Looking forward to catching some behemoth Carp, pushing some pedals and quaffing some Cider.

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