Saturday, 29 August 2009

15 seconds of fame

Following my letter to Hollands Pies a couple of weeks ago regarding their mistaken inclusion of sultanas in their Chicken Balti Pies, I thought it best I update you on the situation.

Firstly, they wrote back to tell me that they had reviewed the recipe and had not only removed all sultanas from said pie, but they were also sending me six prototype Chicken Balti Mark II pies for me to sample.

Sure enough they arrived and I have to say on balance they were much better, if a little sweet for my delicate pallet. The only solution to that problem is to drink a nice strong lager with each pie.

I wrote up my review on the City Bluemoon forum where this all started :-

(I'm Didsberry Blue by the way, the letter is on page 4)

Anyway, I was in Ireland visiting customers for the last couple of days and I got a call from BBC GMR asking whether I could would be prepared to be interviewed in the studio next Tuesday for their new Manchester City programme (6-7pm) and take part in a taste test.

Which was nice.

Obviously I have accepted their kind offer and my 15 seconds of fame awaits. Oh and before anyone points out that Andy Warhols vision was that everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes, I feel that this needs to be revised post internet explosion and fifteen seconds would be more like it.

Obviously, I'll let you know how it goes.

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