Monday, 21 September 2009

4 days.......

Still have an awful lot of work to get through before I go away on Friday night, but the fact remains that our holiday in France is just four days away.

Mel's parents flew out to France yesterday and report that it is still very much like summer there and they have been sitting out all day and only went inside because it was too hot. The weather forecast for the rest of the week is for a hot spell which will last until approximately 12.58pm on Saturday when we arrive. It will proceed to persist it down for the next ten days before reverting to hot weather again.

Mel is still feverishly working on her college projects which must be handed in on Friday lunchtime. She is understandably incredibly stresses about it and I am staying as far out of the way as I can. She is studying for an additional medical qualification that will allow her to write prescriptions. If she passes she can start by writing one out for valium for me as the levels of stress in our house have been unbelievably high this last few weeks.

I will use the time in the evenings to brush up on my pitiful French skills and see if I can muster more than a rudimentary, hello, how are you?, what is the way to the beach? (there is no beach in the Limousin, so that doesnt come in too handy!)

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