Saturday, 10 October 2009

Back to reality...........

Been back from France for nearly four days but it feels more like forty. Work has been incredibly hectic and very stressful probably negating any relaxation benefit accrued over my holiday.

I have put on a few pounds and had planned to start a new health regime as soon as I got back but it has not materialised yet. I am planning on building up some enthusiasm for it though over the coming days/weeks/months. Having set out to lose a stone and a half at the beginning of the year I can report that I am in fact three pounds heavier than when I set out. This could be like some kind of reverse psychology; I am reading a great book about this kind of thing called''Quirkology'.

It gives an example of two sets of people who were invited into a study centre to answer some questions that were along the lines of unscrambling sentences. One set of people were asked to unscramble sentences that had old age related content within them, like "aged" "ancient" "decrepit" etc whereas the other set of people had youthful words to unscramble.

After the questions the participants were secretly timed as they left the room, as to how long it took them to reach the lifts outside the study room. Those that had unscrambled old age related sentences took considerably longer to reach the lifts than the people who had answered youthful questions.

Perhaps I should state that I am going to work hard at putting more weight on and see if that helps me actually lose weight.

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