Saturday, 22 August 2009

International, bright young things.....

Off to see my beloved Manchester City in an hour or so and couldnt be more excited. With a vast array of international footballing talent on display, a full house of 47,000 fans in attendance and the new Mark II Chicken Balti pies being on offer things could not be more perfectly poised.

We even have premiership new boys Wolves to play against so in theory we have all the ingredients for a rousing victory and we will then really start to build momentum. However, the inner city fan in me wont let me get carried away and there is a small part of my brain that is shouting in my ear that a 0-0 draw or freak defeat is just as likely.

Tonight we are off to a 50th birthday party for someone I dont even know very well. In attendance will be many of my industry competitors so I expect to see a lot of posturing and childishness on display. Personally, I couldnt give a shit. It's a job not a religous vocation and I am merely an employee not some evangelical egomaniac. So I shall keep my drinking to a minimum in case of any shenanigans.

I am currently drinking strong coffee, recovering from the gym this morning and watching the Ashes on a dreadful quality internet stream. Perfect.

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