Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Back in the 21st century....

Following our much delayed house move, we are now settled into our new apartment and very nice it is too. Though really stressful the process of moving was a bit of a catharthic experience in the end. Lots of stuff you dont need and had forgotten you had gets thrown away, lots of personal stuff you thought lost many years ago turns up during the move.

We have rented a place with an enormous amount of drawers, cupboards and storage areas. Therefore, I now have really specific drawers, I have a battery drawer, a bulb drawer, a candle drawer, a pens and things associated with pens drawer. Now if I could only remember which drawer belongs to which object I might be able to find something.

Thanks to the help from Mels parents there is not a box remaining. Everything was unpacked and everything has its place, even me.

We finally got reconnected to Broadband yesterday after I shouted at enough people in BT to finally get them to do something. We're now in the process of contacting people with our new details which is a shit job if I'm honest.

Just to finish off last weeks Pie story, six new improved sultana pies were delivered to me on Saturday directly from Hollands and having given them the thumbs up they are now going to replace the previous Mark 1 pies that I described in my blog of last week.

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