Monday, 3 January 2011

Blue Tuesday

Tomorrow is Blue Tuesday when the nation returns to work with fragile resolutions just about intact, extended waistlines bearing chronic indigestion and a sense of relief that normality can re-commence. After the consumer led financial orgy that is Christmas, the money squandered over the festive period needs to be replenished and the population also needs to re-acclimatise to a diet that does not provide 5,000 calories a day.

The holiday adverts have started to appear already reminding us all that sunnier times lie in the near distance and the Cadburys creme eggs will be stocked in the shops over the next few days reminding us all that Jesus was in fact born inside a sugar filled egg or something. I forget now, it's so long since my catholic upbringing that I forget most of the religous festivals unless there is food involved. Good Friday when the death of Jesus is remembered with reverence and abstinence by Christians is a highlight for me as I am a big fan of the hot cross bun, especially toasted and buttered. Whereas Easter is just dead to me. I'm not a big chocolate fan so I just let that one go and enjoy the bank holiday.

Speaking of Bank holidays, we have one extra this year because of some bloke marrying some woman so we're already planning how best to incorporate that extra day within our comprehensive list of holidays in France. I am positively aching to spend some time in France and with little prospect of a week there until April due to work, I am planning a brief trip with my Father-in-law Fred to see the results of some recent work done on the holiday cottage. We have had floor tiles fitted throughout and I'll also see the fruits of Freds labor from the three months he and Pat spent there at the back end of last year. With my fitness regime beginning, my diet well underway and giving up smoking I need something to look forward to. That will do nicely.

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