Friday, 24 December 2010

Buffet season

So it's here, the buffet season which is the main thing I look forward to each Christmas. Not for me the glitz and glamour of Christmas decorations, certainly not the religious periphery that we're told to remind ourselves about, nor even the gifts and presents bestowed upon each other on xmas day.

No, for me I look forward to the various buffet spreads, tantalising my taste buds and punishing my waistline. For the last couple of years, we have eaten out on Christmas day at a local pub in order to avoid the stress and strains that accompany a full Christmas lunch. This decision inadvertently caused a ripple effect which is most welcome. Christmas eve has now become a buffet-off amongst Mels family and being the world buffet champion for three years running now, I look forward to Christmas eve more than Christmas day itself.

Mel has been hard at work all week making Christmas cake, Stollen, Florentines, chocolate buns and this morning she is assembling two luxury Garland rolls, one sausage meat with quails eggs and black pudding and the other cheese and onion. I literally cannot wait and have taken to standing at the glass kitchen door like some kind of salivating window licker.

My contribution thus far has been to drink brandy, eat twiglets and make encouraging sounds whilst playing festive music on my ipad which I think you will agree is a valiant effort. I have just had to shell a dozen quails eggs and frankly I'm exhausted now.

Her sister Penny is cooking a turkey and her mum and dad have prepared a large ham and a Rabbit Terrine which I am particularly looking forward to. I will of course sing the obligatory chorus of 'Bright eyes' whilst simultaneously devouring the terrine and like any champion buffet eater will save enough space for cheese and biscuits and cake.

As I have said numerous times previously,  I'm not the biggest Christmas fan but I'll make the effort for Mel and her family and will try really hard not to get legless tomorrow as I have on each previous occasion. A break from the mental stress and bother of the last few months will be most welcome.

Have a lovely xmas and I'll see you back here in the New Year.


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