Saturday, 21 August 2010

More obsession about getting old........

I worked so hard last week that by the time I got home last night I was barely capable of cognitive thought. It's not an attractive vision I paint but I spent yesterday evening dribbling and nodding off every ten minutes. Thankfully a good nights sleep has rendered me human again and I can indulge in some serious Olympic standard relaxation. 

We have a boozy lunch planned at the local restaurant 'the Bay Tree' in Cheadle where I will be holding my 40th birthday bash in just a few weeks time (gulp). It's by far my favourite eatery and I have had some brilliant nights there with friends, customers or just with Mel. It's achievement is transforming simple quality ingredients into amazingly flavourful food with great service and an ambience that just sits perfectly with me. 

I am starting to get nervous about my birthday party on September the 25th. I hate being the centre of attention (no, honestly I do.........) and I wanted a small intimate affair but the list of invitees has already grown to 30 people and will inevitably increase as we get nearer. 

Following that we have a week in France from the 29th of September which will be our last visit to Chalus this year. I'm hoping we can get some more work started on our Gite project as work has got in the way of making any plans over the last few weeks and I am keen to press on so we can rent it to family and friends next year before renting it to the holiday market in 2012. 

Becoming 40 is something that I remember thinking about as a teenager. I went to my Dads 40th and was already drinking and smoking and I remember thinking how ancient it seemed. That barely seems a couple of years ago and I almost feel like someone must have stolen ten years of my life somewhere down the line. It was probably when I went to Liverpool......

As I sit, nervously awaiting my 5th decade it doesn't seem so old anymore. I vigorously nod when people spit the cliché "40 is the new 30" at me. Whilst I desperately want to believe that, my body reminds me that in fact 40 is just.....well 40. 

I've noticed myself involuntarily grumbling about modern music and fashion, feel myself sneering at the young generation for looking so smug with themselves as if they invented having a good time and I regularly find myself thinking about comfy clothes to wear when I am at home. 

The thought of a nice meal and an early night make me feel warm inside, a night out on the tiles makes me feel slightly nauseous and I start worrying about taxis, hangovers and whether the music will be too loud. I'm really trying to fight against it but make no mistake, I am entering middle age at breakneck speed. It will not be too long before a box of tissues appears on the rear parcel shelf in my car and I start to wear my comfy pants outside of the house. The trousers/trainers combination that has made me laugh every time I have seen someone wearing it, no longer seems so heinous. These are worrying times and I fear the changes are irreversible. 

I therefore resolve to live my 40th decade much more healthily than the preceding 20 years. That wouldn't take much effort in truth but I really am going to make the effort.  I'm under no illusion that a new regime of healthy diet and lifestyle can repair the damage caused by 20 years of excess but at least I'll feel able to buy one of those mens health and fitness magazines that have nudged lads magazines off the shelves without feeling like a complete fraud. 

My wife Mel lives healthily and is as fit as a fiddle and whilst she likes a little drink and a good time as much as the next person, she balances that perfectly with a great diet and a regular fitness regime. This week in addition to working long hours at the Hospital  she has found time to run the house and start her new Botox and fillers business venture called Sparkle. To see her so excited is a real pleasure and her initial nervousness is turning to confidence. I am so proud of her and her happiness and sense of adventure are more important to me than any birthday milestone.

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  1. I identify with that, having turned 40 last year! I also tried to get healthy as I moved into my 5th decade, and have done OK so far - still room for improvement, though. And I'm equally dismissive of modern youth culture, though in many ways I've started to quite enjoy being a miserable old bastard! Anyway, I enjoyed the piece and look forward to reading updates.