Monday, 10 August 2009

Keep moving

So despite the best efforts of inept solicitors, unreliable buyers and a house full of sickness, it looks like we will finally move house this week. Everything has been carefully packed and is ready to go. Actually, that last sentence is a complete and utter lie. Nothing, literally nothing is packed and everything is about as far away from 'ready to go' as it could possibly be. Fortunately, I have packed it all mentally and I have a pretty comprehensive psychological profile of how this move will play out - so thats alright then.

Mel is still terrifically ill and she looks thoroughly miserable as a result. She doesnt deal well with illness and a lack of exercise is compounding her unhappiness. Hopefully, she will start to pick up tomorrow as she is in no condition to be lugging boxes and packing vans etc.

I feel remarkably fine and feel like I am a walking medical miracle as I do not appear to have caught swine flu yet. I keep having the odd sneezing fit and sniffle and then convince myself that I am going down fast, yet half an hour later I feel fine. The 3-4 gym trips of the last week have obviously turned me into some kind of superhuman with a resistance to bacteria that defies medical sense. I expect to be studied by experts in the coming months, or be laid out in bed drinking lemsip and feeling sorry for myself by the weekend.

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