Thursday, 24 April 2014

Self-indulgent Top 100 soundtrack of my life blog.......

This page has been quieter than Old Trafford for the last year and that in itself is an achievement worth noting, or perhaps even an achievement worth nothing. 

It's not that there hasn't been much going on in my life - quite the opposite in fact. I have a baby girl on the way in July, have moved house, bounced from pillar to post at work, travelled to New York, San Francisco, Barcelona (twice) and had our first successful season renting the Gite in France and yet I have not felt the urge to write a single syllable.

I have been writing elsewhere, for work mainly and the odd article here and there along with my usual social media nonsense but could not muster a single DNA molecule of enthusiasm for writing here. But I have finally arisen from my slumber but with an urge to write a blog based around a single idea. Every now and again - hopefully fairly regularly - I intend to write about a song from my recently composed Spotify playlist - the Top 100 songs that soundtrack my life.

I do of course realise that this is self-indulgent but then so is writing any blog about your own life and I've done that for so long that I probably don't need to apologise for that.

Each entry will describe a song and whilst I will try and include some information on the song and the artist that wrote it, my intention is mainly to capture the reason for it's inclusion and what point the song takes me back to in my life.

Before I start, it's worth capturing a few of the principles I decided on when I built my playlist:-

  1. Only one song per artist (though derivative acts are allowed...)
  2. The song isn't necessarily the best by a particular act but the one that resonates the loudest with me.
  3. The songs are in no particular order - that would change the list every week and I can't be arsed with that. 
  4. Occasional changes to my list are allowed but only when I realise I've missed an absolute classic from my list and then I face the agonising choice of which song to drop. 
  5. My Spotify list has a couple of rubbish mixes of a particular song because the best mix isn't available but I'll try and post the Youtube link to the best mix here......
That's probably it. Oh, one other thing, my playlist is available to follow on Spotify to follow if you have either the inclination or the technical knowhow to do that......

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