Thursday, 22 November 2012

The road to recovery.....

Hmmmm…two weeks on from my previous post about contracting pneumonia and I’m slowly on the road to recovery after my fourth course of antibiotics finally did the job that their predecessors had failed to do. Consequently I am no longer coughing every 0.5 seconds and the panic associated with not being able to breathe properly has subsided. Those symptoms have been replaced by general sense of fatigue and lethargy and a dull ache in my back which apparently are all completely normal and to be expected.

I've endured multiple chest x-rays, blood tests, injections and I've consumed so many tablets I swear I can hear them rattling when I move. On top of all that I've spent hours waiting impatiently in surgeries for appointments with doctors whilst suspiciously scanning waiting rooms for people who don't even look ill. 

On the upside I’ve lost another half a stone which now means I weigh two stone less than when I entered 2012 which still gives me a little way to go to get to true fighting weight but I have caught myself looking in the mirror a couple of times and wondering where four of my chins have gone to.  It’s not necessarily a diet I’d recommend but having pneumonia is certainly effective at shifting the pounds.

In future, whenever I hear someone tell me they have or have had pneumonia or they know someone that does, I won’t glaze over anymore and I promise not to imagine someone with a really bad cold. It was truly horrific and not something I would wish on anyone.  

I’m looking forward to getting back to work and some form of normality. I have extinguished all avenues of entertainment - as mentioned previously I have read more books in two weeks than in the last 5 years combined, I've watched so many documentaries that I now consider myself a world renowned expert on ancient Britain, the vikings and icebergs and listened to music that I had forgotten I even owned. 

A bit of socialising and conversation that doesn’t involve giving daily updates on my condition will be most welcome.  I am definitely ready to retake my place in society. In the three weeks that I've been ill, I've missed four City home games, two seminal gigs and several nights out too. I’ve barely spoken to anyone beyond immediate family and friends which I’m looking forward to rectifying.

The Christmas season is upon us and in my line of work that usually involves a lot of entertaining clients and office parties. I doubt I’ll be getting too involved this year, there is too much to catch up on work-wise and I really don’t think getting slaughtered will be the best way to speed my recovery.

We’re off to France for a week a couple of days before Christmas with Mel's parents and I’m looking forward to a roaring fire, some fine festive food and some comfortingly crap television.  


  1. Good to hear you are doing better.
    Always enjoy your sporadic musings!
    I've never met anyone who enjoyed French tv(!) but you may have a satellite dish....and therefore will not have to put up with "Le plus grand cabaret du monde" which is on offer each New Year's Eve.
    Plenty of clips on YouTube.
    Cheers, in advance! Or "Santé" if you prefer.

  2. Ah no, we definitely have a satellite dish for the very reasons you describe Viv. I do keep saying we should watch more French TV to improve our language skills. I don't mean it though, it's rubbish. Cordialement, Alain.