Thursday, 31 March 2011

Alls well that ends well, unless you are a mouse....


So it appears that following two successive visits from Rat-boy our mouse problems are over. The scratching across the ceiling has stopped, the scampering across our carpets in broad daylight has ceased too and nothing has taken a shit in my fruit bowl for a full three weeks. It appears we have won the battle if not the war. Best of all there have been no nasty smells or sightings of rotting mouse corpses.

Last Friday, my father-in-law Fred and I went for our annual golf outing. I had to forage around inside our garage to find my set of clubs and other apparel which is no mean feat as I tidied up in there recently and consequently cannot find anything in there now. . Eventually I located it, loaded up the car and headed off to a local 9 hole course which is about our level. On arrival I unloaded the gear and was just slipping my foot into my golfists shoe when I realised it would go no further. The whole shoe was full of poison pellets which they had dutifully transferred from the traps in the garage to my shoe a few feet away. Almost like a parting shot from my my rodent friends.......

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