Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Another boring blog..............

Just three days left until we set off to France. We will arrive on Saturday and I'll be able to see first hand the progress that has been made on our renovation project. I took the car to the garage this morning to have the tow bar checked as it was faulty the last time we were in France. Apparently the fuse was broken, a tyre needed replacing and the brakes were worn. I emerged three hours later and three hundred quid lighter which was a shock to the system. Still we can travel with confidence......

I have approximately six days work to complete in three days which I suppose is just the way of the world and I will also need to spend at least a couple of days of our first week of the holiday working on a customer project that needs to completed by next Friday. Not perfect but Mel will be understanding as always and I'd rather be working with a glass of cider in my hand in rural France than drizzly Manchester. That said, the weather here in the UK has been fantastic and we can only hope that our traditional bad luck with our holiday weather does not blight us again this year. If I hear one person say "Well, it was nice here last week" I will literally not be responsible for my actions.

We're looking forward to catching up with our friends in France and I am particularly enthused about seeing my money go further as the pound continues it's climb against the euro. When you consider it was more or less parity at the beginning of the year and yet today a pound buys 1.24 euros it will make a huge difference to our holidays but more importantly to our renovation budget which has taken a hammering this year. The analysts who based on previous forecasts know less than I do have said that there is some way to go and could reach as high as 1.35 by the end of the year which would make me very happy indeed.

I feel slightly queasy about the sheer volume of things on my to do list and I really ought to get down to writing that list in order that I can have a proper panic rather than one based on guess work. However, my chief list writer has also been very busy this last few weeks so it looks like it's down to me.

At least our journey will be more sedate. We were having a slight panic that out journey coincided with the World Cup quarter finals and it would have been a rush to get there. However, thanks to our hapless national team we can now proceed at a leisurely pace safe in the knowledge that nobody we meet, English or French will have much interest in the remaining games.

Last week I was in London for meetings and watched the England V Slovenia game in a bar at Tower Bridge.  I drank more than I planned on an empty stomach and in truth was in no position to make a poorly planned journey to Romford by Train. In fact I was so 'fatigued' that I fell asleep, almost missed my stop and in the panic left my phone on the train. The first loss of phone I have experienced in 20 years of owning one.

I'm a little conscious that my blogs have become a little factual and if I'm being brutal with myself, a bit boring of late. This is as much to do with work being demanding and not doing much socially. Our holiday always provide me with opportunity for mishap and entertaining tales so I promise you more colourful blogs in the coming weeks.

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