Monday, 10 May 2010

A game of two halves.......

After a long week at work Mel and I went out for a quiet drink on Friday night to the hotel around the corner with inevitable results. Our levels of self-discipline are at a low right now and several drinks later we arrived back at our apartment a tad inebriated.

Saturday night was my sister-in-laws dinner party. Penny had spent all day creating a sumptuous array of Chinese and Japanese food and had bought Saki to add a splash of authenticity to proceedings. We had a fantastic time though it appears I was the only one who likes Saki as I was the only one who fell asleep face down on the dining room table at 1am.

Sandwiched between these two alcohol related episodes was a healthy, brisk walk up a table-top hill called Musberry Tor in Rossendale with my Dad. He had borrowed his girlfriends Shih Tzu dog and we borrowed Pennys bichon frisse as somehow walking without a dog never feels quite right.

The walk to the top was a bit of a struggle for me though Mel and my dad seemed to have no such trouble. I really must work on my fitness level.

The area is littered with ancient abandoned farms from centuries ago when the hills were populated with over 2000 people. Today there was no-one except for a few hardy walkers and a panting, sweaty, fat-boy from Cheadle and a couple of effeminate dogs. The weather was warm but windy so my Dad decided that his Ali G outfit would best suit the conditions.

The view from the top was breathtaking or at least it would have been if my breath hadn't already been taken by the ascent.

So a boozy weekend counter balanced by vigorous exercise was probably just about the right combination. Next weekend we celebrate our wedding anniversary in Whitby, the scene of our first proper date. We travel up on Friday night and I'm going to ensure that I do more exercising than drinking especially given the last time we were there my nerves got the better of me and I degenerated into a shouty, sweary cartoon version of myself. The people of Whitby deserve to see the softer, gentler version of myself. 

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