Saturday, 24 April 2010

Is it safe to come out yet?

Is it just me or does everything feel just a little bit weird at the moment in the UK? As the general election looms closer bringing political uncertainty through the medium of television, volcanic ash spews into our atmosphere, grounding our aeroplanes and clogging up the news channels. Personally I find droning tales of extended holidays and descriptions of difficult journeys home do not make for interesting viewing.

The economy is spluttering back to life but with every chance that the patient may have a relapse at any time. Retail figures this week suggest that people are returning to the shops in droves but not actually brave enough to spend anything. It's a day out I suppose

Spring has truly sprung and it feels like people are cautiously venturing out into the sunshine, apprehensive of what they may find outdoors. However nature doesn't understand recessions and social uncertainty and the results are blooming marvellous.

The football season is nearing it's end and I for one am glad. I'm not sure I can take much more this season. The Manchester derby was a grand day out, a great atmosphere and a disappointing performance and result from my perspective. Prior to last Saturday every time Mel had attended with me, City had won. That spell was broken last Saturday. I think Mel was relieved, I think she had visions of me dragging her round various far flung European destinations on a cold Tuesday night next season like some kind of good luck charm.

Today I am nursing a hangover which I obtained by accident. We arrived home last night to the first warm, balmy evening of the year. Before we knew it, we were in a Turkish bar which has just opened down the road, eating a mezze spread and glugging red wine like there was no tomorrow. We then moved on to my sister-in-laws where we sat outside, putting the world to rights whilst seemingly trying to extinguish some kind of unquenchable thirst. We arrived home at 11.30pm, which felt like 5am in old money.

Consequently, I feel like something shat inside my head and even a bacon sandwich and a series of vigorous domestic tasks haven't shifted it. We had planned a day out, a walk around some previously visited natural landmark and an overpriced lunch at the inevitably Karrimor infested cafe/restaurant. This excursion appears to be in some doubt, as even watching Saturday Kitchen feels difficult right now.

In any case, I'm not sure it's safe to go out.

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