Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Remember, remember the 3rd of November........

Today was the day when it finally felt like the golden days of Autumn had come to an end and the slow decay into winter has begun. Yesterday I drove to Edinburgh and back in a day which was a pretty stupid decision in retrospect. Driving 700 miles in a day is difficult at the best of times, but doubly so when it is absolutely arsing it down with rain. Even with windscreen wipers at full pelt, I could still barely see a thing.

Today most of the drains are blocked by fallen leaves and spending even a nanosecond outside makes me scurry for indoors like the big girl that I am. Big coats have been taken out of the wardrobe and dusted down in preparation for the harsh weather ahead.

I also notice that the Christmas adverts have started in earnest which is a thoroughly depressing thought. My sister has issued her first tentative stab at a Christmas present list and I know that I can only ignore it for a few weeks at the most.

For now I shall remain a Christmas denier but it's only a matter of time before someone starts shaking those bloody sleigh bells.

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